Visualize Perfusion Instantly

Certes™ generates eye-opening information. Accurate insights reach beyond capabilities of the human eye and visible light spectrum. Our patented AI-enhanced technology visualizes tissue perfusion, permitting otherwise impossible objectivity. Surgical complications are reduced. Patient outcomes are improved.

How Certes Works

Certes provides the surgeon with better and more accurate decision-making throughout the surgery. No longer are surgeons required to make critical, lifesaving decisions without complete information. With Certes, they know instantly — without dyes, contrast agents, or radiation — whether optimal perfusion and blood flow have been achieved or whether additional steps must be taken.

Our multi-spectral physiologic visualization (MSPV) platform combines imaging with analytics (laser speckle contrast) to give surgeons a unique solution:

  • Real-time — No waiting
  • No patient contact
  • No dyes
  • No ionizing radiation
  • No guesswork

Make Objective Decisions
with AI-Enhanced Technology

Guesswork does not belong in the operating theater.

Certes™ delivers immediate real-time support for evaluation of tissue integrity. This non-invasive, non-contact technology relies on AI-enhanced image analysis. Immediate real-time visibility shares insight on blood flow and perfusion during every step of a surgical procedure. Surgeons can objectively determine tissue integrity with the support of advanced AI capabilities.

Certes™ breakthrough technology enhances human capabilities and generates empowering information.

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See how Certes gives surgeons a view inside intact and diseased tissue — to see beyond what they’ve been able to see before now.