Visualize Perfusion Instantly

Visible light can only show anatomy, so surgeons must make important decisions with incomplete information. Our patented technology allows surgeons to see beyond the human eye and beyond the visible light spectrum. With Certes™, they can finally see with accuracy and certainty the physiology of perfusion and blood flow exactly when critical decisions must be made.

With this new knowledge, complications are reduced, and outcomes are improved.

How Certes Works

Certes provides the surgeon with better and more accurate decision-making throughout the surgery. No longer are surgeons required to make critical, lifesaving decisions without complete information. With Certes, they know instantly — without dyes, contrast agents, or radiation — whether optimal perfusion and blood flow have been achieved or whether additional steps must be taken.

Our multi-spectral physiologic visualization (MSPV) platform combines imaging with analytics (laser speckle contrast) to give surgeons a unique solution:

  • Real-time — No waiting
  • No patient contact
  • No dyes
  • No ionizing radiation
  • No guesswork

See how Certes gives surgeons a view inside intact and diseased tissue — to see beyond what they’ve been able to see before now.