Giving Surgeons the Missing Vital Signs in Surgery

Certes™ is FDA-cleared as a Class II device for use by any surgeon who believes that accurate knowledge and imaging of blood flow distribution could impact clinical outcomes or intraoperative decision-making.

With this new technology, the surgeon has immediate visual access to determine whether adequate perfusion and blood flow are present. Since dyes, surrogates, and ionizing radiation are not used, imaging can be repeated as often as needed before, during, and after the procedure. Up to 10 images can be stored in our cloud-based image repository for postsurgical review and future predictive analysis.

Our multi-patented platform provides surgeons with a unique physiologic view of both perfusion and blood flow in intact and diseased tissue. With a proprietary combination of multi-spectral imaging and laser speckle contrast analytics, it is revolutionizing a surgeon’s ability to see beyond visible light and improve patient outcomes.